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Feminine Voice Tips; How To Make Your Voice More Feminine, Girly And Attractive

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Good afternoon, angel! I believe that one of the greatest and most potent feminine charms to possess is that of a beautiful, well-modulated, and feminine-sounding VOICE. 

In society, in the home, and in the office, a lovely feminine voice proves itself an important factor of desirability and success. 

Besides the ever important beauty and femininity essentials such as grace, poise, and the sitting, standing and walking movements, there's another beauty and femininity essential that's too often over-looked - vocal quality

A LOVELY and feminine speaking voice is essential if you want to be a woman who's admired, dove. 

Have you ever come across an attractive woman, who as soon as she opened her mouth, you cringed inside when you heard her actual voice? 

Have you ever been impressed with a woman's sophisticated and feminine appearance, but felt shocked when the poor quality of her voice became glaringly evident? 

Have you ever witnessed an extremely feminine-looking, beautiful woman speak with a harsh and masculine-sounding voice?

I have, and didn't it ruin their images almost immediately! 

Many women are proficient at looking well put together and feminine, but when it comes to their voices - oh my gracious, dove! Their voices almost immediately tear down the image of sophistication, beauty and femininity that they may have so carefully created. 

I've heard women boast that nothing is too good for them, when apparently all refinement and beauty of speech is too good for them, and that obviously they've never caught the faintest whisper of its desirability. 

I've heard a woman repeat many times; "I'm a lady" - until I wanted to tell her that if she would learn to speak well, and stop cussing/swearing, then one might believe it without having to be informed. 

In this post we are going to learn;

How a feminine, girly and attractive voice sounds

Why voice coaching isn't essential

Why you should record your voice

How your mood affects your voice, and how to change/improve your mood and thus, change/improve your voice

Effective voice and breathing exercises to change/improve your voice, and to make your voice sound more feminine, girly and attractive

The most ideal female voice, and the 5 most important elements that enter into the personality and character of the voice

Feminine Voice Tips; How To Make Your Voice More Feminine, Girly And Attractive - The Sound 

A FEMININE, girly and attractive voice sounds naturally higher-pitched and submissive than a man's voice sounds, and has a wider range of tones than a man's voice. 

To create a higher-pitched and more submissive voice, doll, tighten the laryngeal muscles in your throat, and speak in a softer volume. (But not too soft that it's impossible to hear you.) 

A MASCULINE voice sounds more monotone and assertive than a feminine voice does. By varying the pitch of your voice to make it sound more melodious, you'll be making your voice sound more feminine. (But don't over-do the up-swinging at the end of your sentences!)

A feminine sounding voice is a softer voice that speaks in busts, followed by brief pauses. A masculine sounding voice is a louder voice that speaks at a steady rate. 

Feminine Voice Tips; How To Make Your Voice More Feminine, Girly And Attractive- Voice Coaching

When some women become aware of the poor quality of their voices, they toy with the idea of getting professional voice coaching. Yes, that's definitely a good idea, lovely, but unfortunately it's not practical or affordable for the average woman. 

In many localities it can be quite difficult to locate an expert voice coach, and voice coaching is not only expensive, but time-consuming. So while expert vocal coaching is a good idea, it's not always viable. And fortunately, it's not essential!

Instead of getting professional voice coaching to improve and feminize your voice, why not do a search on YouTube for the numerous free feminine voice coaching videos available?

Feminine Voice Tips; How To Make Your Voice More Feminine, Girly And Attractive- Voice Recording

To make your voice more feminine, girly and attractive a good idea is to RECORD your voice and listen to it. Voice recording is the best way to get feedback on the way your voice actually sounds to others,. And it's the best mechanism there is for this purpose. 

You can use free voice recording software like Audacity to record your voice as you speak, or as you read aloud. Voice recording and playback is an excellent beginning of vocal consciousness. *Smile*

Because of the fact that we don't hear our own voices as others hear them, voice recording/playback is the only real way that we can gauge the true quality of our voices, and whether or not our voices are improving. 

To gauge the true quality of your voice, record your voice and listen carefully for the weaknesses that may be revealed in the play-back record. 

After your voice is 'outside of you,' only then you can begin to think objectively about your vocal equipment, and decide whether or not your voice is feminine and pleasing to the world at large. 

**If you do have access to a good voice coach, perhaps you could also have the recording checked by him/her. 

However many bad points you may discover in your voice when listening to the play-back record, dove, by playing the recording over and over again (until you're thoroughly acquainted with your unpleasant voice qualities,) you learn to recognize the flaws in your voice. And have the basis for correction. 

Knowing what's vocally unfeminine and unattractive in your voice, plus the desire to correct these blemishes, are enough to start you off on the journey of acquiring and more feminine, girly and attractive sounding voice. 

Furthermore, with persistent PRACTICE, you learn to correct the errors in your voice, and in time, develop a voice that's charmingly and individually yours.

Feminine Voice Tips; How To Make Your Voice More Feminine, Girly And Attractive - Voice And Mood

The subconsciously employed tones of the voice not only indicate a woman's MOOD, but can be used to change her mood. By reading some encouraging and uplifting stories or quotes (or by simply visualizing in your mind a time when you were feeling really happy,) you can change your mood, and thus, change your voice

Try the following exercise when you're feeling blue or discouraged; 

Just for a moment, forget the circumstances that brought on your depressed mood. Take a deep breath, and then read out loud, and with all the fervor you can muster, some encouraging and uplifting paragraphs/quotes. 

When you've finished reading them, you'll very often find that you've forgotten you were depressed. Your troubles will have dwindled in proportion to the rise of your fervor, and induced by employing words and tones suggestive of optimism and encouragement.

If your own voice can react on your own state of mind in this way, dove, how much must it affect others, who either consciously or subconsciously base their judgment of you on the effect they feel from your voice?

In addition, there's a LANGUAGE of the voice that's altogether separate from the use of words. Try reading some paragraphs/quotes out loud - joyfully, sadly, triumphantly. 

Notice how your own feelings answer to the sound of your voice, even though the words may carry no particular meaning to your mind. 

In this way you'll learn what a powerful, responsive servant the well-trained voice may be. *Smile*

There's no reason at all why you shouldn't train and use your voice with as deliberate control, and as good effect, as is shown by the greatest artists of the theater, lovely. On the stage, the psychology of the voice is also understood and used with deliberate effect. 

If you think over the comparatively few great actresses who've made international reputations for themselves, you'll find that in each case the medium through which they moved their audiences to tears and laughter, to indignation and sorrow, to every emotion the human heart is capable of feeling, has been the responsive, controlled and cultivated voice. 

A woman can speak and read out loud so wonderfully, that those who hear her lose all sense of time and place, and see the drama realistically unfolding itself before their eyes!

Feminine Voice Tips; How To Make Your Voice More Feminine, Girly And Attractive - Voice Exercises

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